Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It has been so long....

Dear blog,

I'm so sorry that I had abandoned U for so long....From March till April. Firstly, my lappy broke down due to the Window crash.huhu....There goes my rm50 at PAS. Then, there were so many things that I have to deal with within this short period oftime.

I thought that I haven't post anything for just 2weeks, but it seems that it has been more than a month.Hmmmm...what should I post for the survival of this blog??

Actually, things are running smoothly within March till April. All of my subjects for the current semester have all sort of assessments----Quizzes, meetings, Projects, CoCos and many more...Thank God that I managed to survive all this. With the help of my friends, things are going as on schedule. Want to know more about my tasks???

MTLS-->I'm done with my Micro Teaching,Test Construction, Creative Projects and also my Journal Presentation.Miss Elia is one of the best lecturer that I have in UiTM.

Lit and Media--> MY BIGGEST NUGHTMARE!!!It seems that I am not ready to have a class with a native speakers. He gave me C for both of my assignments...Almost for sure I will get that grade for his subject like my seniors does.

BEL--> Nice one!!!Mdm. Azhana had managed to teach us well about meetings and minutes. Got the assessment on meeting done with the minutes. Maybe I have a personal matters to be settled with one of my team members. And facing the test, I made a few glaring mistakes due to my own careless mistakes....I'm feeling sorry for myself.

Mandarin-->It seems that I'm having difficulties in facing a third language. my ears are not as sharp as the others, but i hope that my Students Project will help to boost my grades.Wan Laoshi, hoping to see U again next sem!!!

PTE-->Got to GO!!!My project is still on the air!!!

Pengucapan Awam-->Best Mama ever!!!I think I will be getting an A on this....hehe=)

Lit in ESL Classroom-->Having fun with literature...This is my first minor subject, and Insya-Allah, I will try my best for this paper. TQ MAdam Moon!!!

Dear blog,
I hope that I can write to U as soon as I can. But later next week I will be at my hometown, doing PTE and revision....Adios Amigos!!!=)