Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Model Citizens

Assalamualaikum and Salam 1Malaysia to all of you.

Last Saturday (22 Jan 2011), I and the whole lots of B. Ed. TESL Part 6 UiTM went to Kuala Lumpur Performing Art Centre (KLPAC) at Sentul West, Jalan Ipoh off Jalan Strachan in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. This is the 3rd time that I got the opportunity after the 'Frankenstein in Love' with IPKB's Cohort 5 and also 'Tunku the Musical' with all of the members in TESL Camp 2007.

This is one of the fulfillment for the course of "Asian Literature" under Madam Rosalind (She is AWESOME man!!!!I love the way she expresses herself). The guards didn't allowed us to take any pictures around the area...but somehow we manage to sneaked and got ourselves published in the Facebook (my Account: Tuah Cendana).

At first, I thought that this theater would be something that touches on the personality of an Asian lady's life, as all of the main actresses wear the original and sexy baju kebaya. If that's the case, they will surely play as an old nyonya telling all of the stories that I had listen zilion times!!!FROM my grandma of course....haha

The set of the play was really simple. 3 big wardrobe (from IKEA for sure) and also a chair. Just 1 CHAIR!!! I thought that they must be having great acting as it is not easy to have a play with such simple set. And i have to sit on the floor with Iskandar in order to give our seats to Mdm. Rosalind and her fiend....Aren't we are such a gentlemen????Hihi...

The old Nyonya starts of with a very thick accent of a Mandarin dialogue. I got it bcoz I took Mandarin for 3 semester. later than I noticed that there was a screen at the back for the translation.Haha....silly me I guess. Then comes an Indonesian maid, begging for hr love ones, Zul to be freed upon the attack to the MP.

Peggy is the employer of the Indonesian maid. She was lonely after Tony (her son) had took his own life. She gave anything she has to the maid and the only daughter that she had. Evey character seems to create the sense that they are trying their best to be the 'Model Citizens'. Be a good wife to the MP, have the citizenship of a Singaporean and try to live a life in denial. Is it what we want in life.

Personally, I do think that the oppression for the women is the main emphasize of the story. They do think that they need to be the best in order to accepted in the society. If you do think the same, THAN YOU ARE WRONG!!!

We areborn with our personal path in life, and we may live it the way that we wanted it to be. Be it fat (!!!!), ugly, stupid or even not as smart as anyone else, the real friend will accept you the way you are. Trust me, i won't be easy but we will be able to face the challenges in the future.


Love You All...

Tuah Cendana
INTEC Library

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why Oh Why???

Salam to all...

Today is the start of my Week 4 of this semester. It has been a wile since wrote the last real post in this blog.

I don't really know why did I am not really interested in fulfilling all of my study requirements for this semester. I din't have the synergy to start the sem, although that I AM ALREADY IN THE THIRD WEEK!!!!

Something must be done in order for me to grab something before the CNY holiday starts this Friday. The list of works and assignments seems to be an endless chores for me. In giving it a try, I will stay in the INTEC Libary to ensure that I will not just sleep and Facebook-ing at my house. The WIMAX seems to be so fast when I open my FB accounts, while tryin to find the reasearch journals, it takes like ages to finish.

I got a fight with a friend recently upon the issue that I think that I am to busy to touch on everything. She asid that "Ala Azrai, sma og dapat 24 jam 1 hari. Takkan ko nak lebih plak"....I was totally shocked upon her words. The Science people have different way of looking at things to be compared to the Literature!!!


Most of my lecturers for this semester will be a great challenge for me. The requirements for each subject is totally UNBEARABLE. It is alright to have lecturers that understand the life of a student, and let us live it that way. With clear explanation of what need to be done, we may survive the course.

But there are also some of them which gave me and my friends HEADACHES!!!!

Malas la plak nak tulis kat sini, nanti serabut plak rambut dia.

Okai folks, I think that would be enough for now. Love you all. Take care=)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm back!!!

Thank God that my account is still active....

So U guys, wait up as I will have blogging as my hobby this year...

But still trying to find the righteous issue to deal with....Take care=)